About the Storyworld

Dive into a fantastical world.

It is very rare to see any two things the same in the realms of the Scrunchlings. We don’t have manufacturers or distributors like your world, instead we recycle and salvage anything we can find to build what we require, and sometimes we use things that aren’t exactly scrap – which is why my little picket fence looks like old Mrs Crunchin’s bathtub.


About the Game

Race through fast paced action.

Scrunchlings: Dirt Drifters is frantically fast, character driven racing at its very wildest! Take control of your very own customisable Hover Kart and become a professional Dirt Drifter. Race across asphalt, dirt, sand, ice, snow, water, even lava, it doesn’t matter! All that matters is coming first!


Connected Play

Experience a connected world.

All of the games in the Scrunchlings universe can be connected to one another, sharing your ever growing inventory and expanding experience. This connectivity allows the story of the Scrunchlings universe to react and develop like no other game has ever done before. Stories are no longer single isolated events tied to a single product – now they’re huge expansive tales that evolve the more you play!


Meet the Team

Creating the games you love to play

Isaac Howie Brewerton

Production Lead

Jordan Morris

Creative Director

Aidan Wilson

Gameplay Engineer

Thomas Woolf

Character Artist

Matthew Cooper

Environment Artist

Salvatore Fileccia


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